Anvil US779 T-Shirts

You guys ready to play another round of The Price is Ri– er, I mean Guess How Much It Costs? Well, then come on down! Today’s item: the US779 T-Shirts from Anvil Knitwear. And here are the stats: 5.4 oz, 100% US-grown cotton fabric. Tubular construction (instead of side-seamed). Made in USA. And the price is… $5.00. Yeah, you read that right. Eight colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit The Deal Rack.

  • CTP

    anyone have any feedback on fit? i’m imagining i’m going to be drowning in a small, their wee-est size…?

  • Hey19

    They have a few other things, 3/4sleeves and sweatshirts and more, that seem to be priced and produced similarly…

  • Guy

    I do not think anything but some of their shirts are made in USA. On their website “American Tees” is a separate section:

  • Pbunyan

    The only US made ones on Deal Rack are here:

  • Hey19

    My lazy punctuation made my question look more like a statement, but thank you for the answer, good to know.

  • Phillip

    This is great! Thank you!

  • Vincent

    These come out to be quite big about half a size bigger than Hanes Tees