What We Read This Week

Have you ever noticed that when non-celebrities are profiled in newspapers or magazines, they’re always photographed in the same pose? Local People With Their Arms Crossed

That’s it. I’m shutting down this site and working for Costco. Businessweek: Costco CEO Craig Jelinek Leads the Cheapest, Happiest Company in the World

I had a pretty dope childhood. So dope that, as I looked through some baby photos, I realized that I was actually probably most likely definitely the inceptor of many of today’s most popular trends. It’s all documented here: Four Pins: A Token Black Guy Retrospective: 10 Trends I Started In My Childhood

Red Bull Music Academy breaks down the origin of 22 of the most iconic logos in music. Red Bull Music Academy: 22 Iconic Music Logos Explained

A great read on digging up America’s obscure private press vinyl labels and the music you never knew existed. I want it all. KCET: Private Stock: Custom Records Trace an Alternate Music History

An education about the different types of Japanese textiles from one of my favorite dudes to follow. The Bandanna Almanac: Japanese Textiles | A Simple Guide

This story from the New York Times about a man landing a plane on the streets of uptown Manhattan not once but twice shows that the fifties in New York were pretty damn wild. New York Times: Long Ago, a Pilot Landed on an Uptown Street. That’s Where the Bar Was.

Simon Crompton spoke with long time Phineas Cole designer Ralph Auriemma about his first collection for Paul Stuart’s mainline. Permanent Style: Ralph Auriemma takes on Paul Stuart

Recently, The Knottery’s Jay Arem’s personal tumblr has become one of my favorite sites. It’s a treasure trove of meta jokes, brands from Japan I’ve never heard of (and could never, ever find here in America), and countless examples of bizarre lookbook styling. And somehow all of it works. Brooklynesque

And lastly, this Tottori editorial from Nepenthes is nothing short of amazing. Nepenthes: “Tottori” – Directed by Masumi Sakamoto

Max Wastler goes behind the scenes of the design and printing of his business cards for his job as Basil Hayden’s “bloodhound”. I illustrated the hound and Terrapin printed them. The result is one killer biz card, if I do say so myself. All Plaidout: Terrapin Stationers

Huckberry takes a look at the iconic style of Errol Flynn. Huckberry: Iconic Style: Errol Flynn on Zaca

This post still gets the most traffic of all my posts. It’s about a Viking short bus that my fiance’s father rebuilt the interior of. The pictures have become tumblr and pinterest superstars. He has done this for airstreams as well and is always open for commissions. N’East Style: Linekin Bay Woodworkers in Maine Home & Design