The Friday Find: Muttonhead Utility Shorts Giveaway

There have been many great partnerships over the years. Jagger and Richards. Scorcese and DeNiro. Peanut Butter and Jelly. And, more recently, Muttonhead and Topo Designs. The two labels have collaborated on a small collection that deftly capture the best of both brand’s worlds. And to celebrate, Muttonhead wants to give you a pair of MHxTD Utility Shorts. Simply leave a comment below to become eligible to win. One commenter will be picked at random on Wednesday, June 12th, so you’ve got ’til then to enter. Good luck!

For price and purchase info, visit Muttonhead.

  • Mike S

    These look really cool. Remind me of Battenwear or Mt. Rainier Designs shorts. Fingers crossed!

  • Andrew

    Everything topo makes is absolute gold.

  • Rick

    I need some new shorts, and both of the colors shown are great.

  • Pat Hunter

    Please count me in.

  • John

    Love both of these. Super clean.

  • Artur

    Heck, I feel lucky.

  • Philip

    Nice shorts! I’d love to have me one pair.

  • Paul

    Those pockets are lovely. Dad shorts revisionist history.

  • Kyle

    Great looking pair of shorts.

  • Matt

    I’m in!

  • Casey

    Love the colors!

  • Bryce McKenzie

    Topo killing the vintage hike aestethic!

  • soup

    those are pretty sharp!

  • CTP

    way to draw out the lurkers, eh…

  • Ben

    I’ll roll the dice; those shorts look rather nice. (Bonus points for rhymes?)

  • Joseph Nolfo

    Those sure are some neat looking short pants.

  • Wesley

    Excellent cut on these short pants

  • Samuel

    I could definitely wear these all summer.

  • Jesse

    Love the brick pair.

  • Patrick K

    Would love to win a pair of these, especially with warmer weather just about here.

  • Eric


  • William LaRue


  • Yo Chi

    Shorts? Shorts!

  • Andrew

    Sweet shorts…Pick me!

  • Chase Rodriguez

    These look great! I love the colors and length

  • Hank

    Pleats are back!

  • Aidan Sank

    OH I need some of these babys..

  • Ben

    Me likey.

  • Michael Tung

    Nice shorts!

  • Spencer

    These look sick, I would love a pair.

  • John M

    Neat times.

  • Quin Evans

    Fatigue shorts. Dats cool.

  • Brandon Arnold


  • Alexander S

    Cool shorts

  • Ben

    I’m in.

  • Michael I

    Let me tan my sun-deprived thighs.

  • shane

    Awesome. Pick me!

  • Thomas

    Those are some nice looking shorts!

  • Travis

    It’s my birthday on Tuesday, pick me! :)

  • Phillip

    C’est nice!

  • Collin

    Finally some great looking summer shorts. Yes please!

  • Sonny

    Starting to approach 90 degrees in northern California so these would definitely be a welcome addition to the wardrobe!

  • mridula

    sweet! thanks for the giveaway.

  • Joel

    Nice shorts, looks like perfect length and fit.

  • Kevin


  • Jon

    For a second I thought these were pleated. Nice shorts.

  • Hunter

    These look great.

  • w.

    the perfect pair of summer shorts.

  • Travis

    Very nice.

  • tyler

    That second color is nice. Reminds me of norse projects heavy chinos

  • Teddy

    Great colors.

  • RMD

    Here we go

  • tob


  • Phillip

    Damn crazy these shorts are chill.

  • Brian

    I like! Pretty please pick me.

  • Ernie

    Right here.

  • Corey Konsulis

    Great shorts!

  • http://N/A Cort

    Yes PLEASE!

  • Christian

    really could use these. dyed some of my shorts but they came out in a really strange color :))

  • Ryan Lafferty

    My legs need these.

  • Taylor

    Those look great.

  • JD Wollanicka

    Square pockets are the cornerstone of utility

  • Michael

    Grown up camp shorts!

  • Connor

    These shorts look like the perfect cycling + summer shorts. Please pick me, I’ll rep them everywhere!

  • Vinh

    IMO, Muttonhead is the best Canadian brand right now. Everything they make, I want!

  • Patricia

    Love the colours and the deep pockets.

  • Bradford

    Burgundy please!

  • Kevin

    Nice shorts, definitely want one! Muttonhead really did some great works!

  • Florian P

    I knew about this collab, this is so nice !

  • Florent D

    Nice !

  • Vredus

    Perfect for going to the office during the summer.

  • John

    Burgundy pair looks fantastic.

  • Vern


  • David (zombieshakes)

    Hook a new daddy up with some dad shorts :D

  • Maxime C

    a well-dressed short for summer ! nice.

  • Chloe

    Love these shorts!

  • Alex

    Sick summer shorts

  • Conor M.

    My ankles are soaked, but my cuffs are bone dry! Everything’s coming up Milhouse!!!

  • Caleb

    Perf for my upcoming coast-to-coast road trip through our national parks.

  • Rick Q

    Muttonhead is a great brand representing Canada!

    Hope they continue to do well.

  • Chris W

    Toronto stand up!

  • James


  • Iain Russell

    Oh pick me – pick me!!


  • Andrew

    Love the look of these shorts.

  • Ray


  • Greg

    Winning these would be sweet!

  • Michael

    Very nice. Clean, getting married next Friday…happy wedding day to me??

  • Eric


  • Koan Goedman

    Sun’s out, thighs out. Great collaboration.

  • David

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Tyler

    I needs some shorts, bro!

  • Ian

    Wouldn’t mind having a pair of these bad boys

  • Rick

    Yes, please!

  • Scott Porbansky

    Great looking shorts! Perfect length.

  • Constantin

    Nice shorts and thank you for an opportunity to win them!

  • Andy

    Nice shorts!

  • Andrew

    I love Muttonhead! Unfortunately, moving to a new city and school loans put a damped on spending..

  • David Chiu

    Great looking shorts! Love that shade of green!

  • Meghan

    cool shorts!

  • Brian

    Beautiful shorts! Takes me back to an afternoon when my brother picked me up from the pool in his Trans Am with the T-roof off. In Ohio. Now, I could potentially be that cool again – with these shorts.

  • Steven

    dem shorts..gimme

  • Anthony

    oh god, the maroon looks so good

  • Trevor

    Cheeto time motherfucker

  • David


  • Chris

    I could really use a pair of these for camping this summer.

  • Adam

    these shorts are very cool!!

  • Joe

    Those are pretty nice shorts.

  • kyle

    christiano ronaldo thighs

  • Dennis

    Very nice!

  • Mitso

    Fingers crossed!

  • Nick R.

    Great looking collaboration. I wanna win.

  • James

    Nice, I need some company for my new mountain shorts.

  • Marco M

    nice shorts! got my fingers crossed

  • Paul Corio

    Very nice! 30″ waist please!

  • David

    Just in time for summer!

  • Tim Red

    I mean, if you’re just giving them away…

  • Chris Cullen

    Winna winna chicken dinner

  • Derek

    Great looking shorts! Love that maroon.

  • Drew Harris

    Need these.

  • Sean

    I never won anything for free ever, please let it be me

  • Derek

    Lovely pair

  • Alvin Chan

    love em

  • Jay Nam

    Canada and Topo, my two favourite things.

  • Dee Thomas

    Nice, I’m playing for keeps.

  • Geoff

    Count me in!

  • Kevin

    Yes plz. My scrawny legs could use some shorts

  • Rae

    Hoping to be the lucky guy who wins a pair of these utility shorts.

  • Brian Townsend

    Love these.

  • Robert

    Very nice cut. Sharp!

  • Hunter

    love the cut, absolutely fuego.

  • Justin

    Very sharp! I’d absolutely wear these.

  • Tom

    Nice looking shorts

  • Howard

    The maroon colored ones are awesome.

  • paul

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  • Dylan


  • harrison nguyen


  • Bryan

    Thank you Thighmaster

  • Jeremy S.

    Love the streamlined design, right down to the layout of the label on the back. Looks like an awesome fit and great colors too! Want these for sure.

  • Adrian A.

    Excellent looking pair of shorts. Winning a pair would definitely make my summer.

  • Miles

    Would love a pair! Great piece!

  • Carlos Shields-Davis

    Those are so fucking beautiful dawg, if I wore those I could literally get every white girl on the planet the summer. And they look comfortable as hell to brah shits just to trill

  • Connor

    Making Canada proud.

  • Jon

    Great shorts! Love the pockets.

  • Tim M

    Been looking all over for these!

  • Robin

    Love the giant pockets!

  • Remi

    Nice shorts! Can I get a pair? Nice colors too.

  • Sev S.

    I dig em!

  • Brad

    Many thanks for commenting everyone. According to the random number picker here: our winner is commenter #89 Koan Goedman. Congrats Koan!

    Until the next giveaway,


  • Koan Goedman

    Nice. Thank you Brad!

  • Schmidty


  • Tyler Goulding

    These shorts look awesome