Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Oxfords

My heart’s pounding. My palms are sweaty. There are butterflies in my stomach. And I’m feeling just a wee bit randy. No, I’m not describing my wedding day, I’m talking about the first time I laid my eyes on these US-made, natural Horween Chromexcel Trench Oxfords from Oak Street Bootmakers. The calfskin lining, Goodyear welt and vibram sole make my knees weak. They’re an easy shoe to commit to.

For price and purchase info, visit Oak Street Bootmakers.

  • Fiero

    I can appreciate the craftsmanship, but dang those be some butt-ugly, Herman Munster style shoes there. I think Thorogood makes a pair similar in style (complete with mile-thick sole, but not with the Horween) for about a hundred bucks. If I’m going ultra-practical though butt-ugly, I’d rather save the other three hundred.