Archival Clothing Day Packs

When I was in first grade, I had a backpack that looked like a Game Boy. It had huge buttons and a see-through plastic screen forever frozen on level 7 of Tetris. I’m still scarred by the garishness of that thing, and that’s why I now go for much simpler portage, like these new duck canvas Day Packs from Archival Clothing. Available in two colors, and outfitted with CXL leather and solid brass hardware, they’re the opposite of loud. And they’re made in the USA. Game over.

For price and purchase info, visit Archival Clothing.

  • Ben

    Oh, man. I had that exact same gameboy pack. I loved it. Backpack brothers from another mother… though these backpacks might be a better look on a grown man.

  • Michael N.

    @Ben Ha, awesome man. Yeah, wish I saved mine.