Eternal Jacquard Woven Long Shorts

Forget everything else you’ve seen or read so far, the best shorts of the summer are right here. Eternal’s Jacquard Woven Long Shorts are made in Japan out of 100% cotton, and come in a perfect right-below-the-knee length, which you can leave as is or roll up to show off them beautiful thighs of yours. And, they’re only $75 a pop, so instead of choosing which of the three patterns to get, you can just buy one of each.

For price and purchase info, visit Blue in Green.

  • Ben

    Camo elastic waistband below-the-knee shorts, huh? To each their own…

    • Brad

      I’m going to have to side with Nick on this one. I would wear the shit out of those.

  • Nick G.

    Oh you’re too good for elastic waistband shorts now, Ben? Sometimes, belted shorts are just too much and you gotta switch it up. And these are the jam.

  • Ben

    Hey, I wasn’t kidding when I said to each their own. If you like ‘em, wear ‘em. Just not for me.

    • Brad

      Nick, I think you forgot the sarcasm emoticon.

  • Mike

    Imma cop a pair of those Native pattern shorts, doo.

  • Trevor

    Welcome back to 1990!