Lyonstate Follow to Win Giveaway

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who give, and those who take. Luckily for us, the founders of Alabama’s Lyonstate are the former. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook between now and Tuesday, June 4th to become eligible to win a piece of your choosing from their brand new – and totally awesome – in-house collection of US-made shirts, shorts and pants. They’ll be picking one person at random from each, so following both will double your chances. Good luck.

UPDATE: Congratulations Wesley Hill (@wesleythill) and David Kearford (Facebook). You won! The good folks from Lyonstate will be in touch shortly.

For price and purchase info, visit Lyonstate.

  • sarah

    It drives me bonkers when product shots have noticeable puckering. If you can’t get the fit right on the fit model, what business do you have making clothes?

  • Trevor

    Shut up Sarah

  • Rick

    @Trevor: hahahaa

  • nushechka

    following on twitter and fan on fb (annushka s.)