What We Read This Week

Breathtaking photos of British soldiers before, during and after serving in Afghanistan. Yahoo! News: Soldiers’ portraits before, during and after war

Wise words from Esquire’s Jonathan Evans about how a suit should fit. Esquire: Reminder: Your Suit Should Actually Fit

A look inside the Barbour factory courtesy of ACL. A Continuous Lean: Made in England | J. Barbour and Sons

Grantland badboys Wesley Morris and Rembert Browne talk Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods, fried chicken and watermelon in this hilarious back and forth. Grantland: The Trouble With Chicken: Talking Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods, and Racism

Jon Moy went H.A.M. on the #menswear-affiliated citizens of New York’s Twitter habits. Sadly, he hasn’t been heard from since. Four Pins: What Twitter Can Teach Us About New Yorkers

Outsider Art from Japan? All for it. If there are any readers out there in London, check out the exhibit at the Wellcome Collection. The Japan Times: Outsider art that comes from within

Welcome to Masdar City, the world’s most ambitious eco-city. POPSCI: Inside The World’s Most Ambitious Eco-City

Cork Grips showcases a few street snaps from MHL Community Mart in Tokyo, once again proving that the Japanese are lightyears ahead of us. Cork Grips: MHL Snaps

And yes, today is my graduation, and if you still haven’t bought me a gift yet, feel free to send over any of these items that I picked out for Cool Material this week. Cool Material: Wear This: Jake Gallagher from Wax Wane.

Ernest Hemingway made a reading list for a young writers in 1934. Open Culture: Ernest Hemingway Creates a Reading List for a Young Writer, 1934

My fiancé is graduating with his Masters in Landscape Architecture from the BAC today. He also won several awards at the award ceremony last night. Couldn’t be more proud of him, so I’m shamelessly sharing his online portfolio. Cargo Collective: Edward Adams

Del’s frozen lemonade now has a truck in Brooklyn, thanks to fellow St. George’s alum Cam Crockford. Perfect timing for hot days in the city. Gothamist: There Is Now A Del’s Frozen Lemonade Truck In NYC!