Kamakura Tokyo Slim Fit Shirts

Have you ever had a dream in which something really good happens, and then you wake up and keep thinking that good thing is real, until, like, five minutes later, when you suddenly realize you dreamed it, and then you get really bummed? Well, these Tokyo Slim Fit Shirts from Kamakura are sort of like that, except without the dispiriting realization in the end. They’re made in Japan. They come in an array of fabrics. And – here’s the kicker – they’re only $79 a pop. No need to pinch yourself.

For price and purchase info, visit Kamakura.

  • Andy

    I can second this. Incredibly fast (though expensive – buy multiples) shipping from Japan. Tokyo slim has a shorter arm length than the NY slim, as I understand. TS fit me perfectly, but I wear a short jacket. Beautiful, slightly dressier oxfords.

  • Dave

    Looks cool. I don’t understand their sizing at all, though. Their chest sizes seem all over the map and don’t go below 40? In the Tokyo Slim Fit, you move from a 15 1/3 to 15 3/4 neck and the chest size goes up by 1.5 inches? And that’s from 43.5″ to 45″, which just seems way too large. Am I missing something obvious here?

  • Andy

    That makes no sense to me either, and I am embarrassed to say I did not check the “size guide” I ordered based on Neck/Sleeve and the trust in other reviews I had read. And am happy I did. No idea how those chest measurements go.

  • Dave

    Andy, if you don’t mind me asking, what size/style did you order and what’s your standard shirt/suit jacket size? Was just going to go with my standard neck/sleeve measurement before noticing the weird chest size measurements.

  • phil

    WOW! Not bad! I need too lose my damn belly…

  • Andy

    I ordered a 15 3/4 – 33 I believe, in the Tokyo Slim. I typically wear a 38 or 40 S jacket (I am about 5’9 160 lbs, and fairly lean with broader shoulders). I’d probably wear a 39 S jacket regularly if it were more available.

    My usual shirt size is 16/32.5 but the 15 3/4 does just fine.

  • Danny

    Has anyone else had luck with these shirts?