What We Read This Week

Good photos of bad graffiti (semi NSFW). Scott Hocking: Bad Graffiti

Wal-Mart and the Gap refused to sign a legally-binding agreement that will require them to help finance safety improvements in garment factories in Bangladesh. Related: fuck Wal-Mart and the Gap. Fashionista: Wal-Mart, Gap Fail to Sign Bangladesh Safety Agreement

This is a video of three 11 year olds playing doom metal on the street in NYC, and it is awesome. YouTube: BRUTAL BREAKDOWN – Unlocking the Truth

And finally, an excellent patterned shorts round-up from the good dudes at Kempt. Get Kempt: The 14 Best Patterned Shorts for Summer

The Engineered Garments FW13 lookbook was just released and it is HOT FIRE. It might be their most well-thought out collection yet. Love all the variations. They definitely did NOT play it safe on this one. Love love love. High Snobiety: Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Wooszoo, the artist behind the excellent “Who Wears It” series, has added some new prints to his Etsy shop. Well-known comic book and film characters + designer fashions = awesome. Etsy: wooszoo

This month marks the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norway. I may not know anything about mountaineering, but I do know it makes for a pretty epic and niche literary category. Abe Books: Collecting Mountaineering Books: A Literary Everest

Travelling alone. It can be better than you think, especially if you approach it like this guy. T Magazine: Yes, Please | Party of One

From Ivory Tower Style comes this eloquent piece on grammar and menswear, which has made me question everything I’ve written and read over the past week. Ivory Tower Style: Stylish Punctuation

The Hill-Side’s Corsillo Brothers went hunting for vintage Japanese textiles, and took Cool Hunting with them. Cool Hunting: Sourcing Vintage Textiles with Hickoree’s

Yes, I do feel odd linking to Lucky Magazine, but John Jannuzzi put together this incredible series of famous designers during their younger years. Lucky Mag: Vintage Photos of Designers We Love

James Fox of 10engines put together a great post about Orvis in the 1980s. 10engines: 10E2169: Shopping From The Archives – Orvis 80s

Imogene + Willie posted some sweet stills of Robert Redford and Lauren Hutton from the movie Little Fauss and Big Halsy on their blog. Amazing style and bike inspiration. Imogene + Willie: Little Fauss and Big Halsy

I was honored this week to be included in A&H Magazine’s ongoing A Beauty Named series. A&H Magazine: A Beauty Named Christine Mitchell