What We Read This Week

As a 31 year old recovering denim-head, this piece from comedian Marc Maron in the NYT hits very close to home (it’s also hilarious). New York Times: My Desperate, Stupid, Emotional Hunt for the Perfect Pants

Another week, another single-serving Tumblr to waste some time on. Horror Icons in Light-Hearted Movies

Selectism has a first look at the new ‘Original’ and ‘Reserve’ Collections from Chippewa Boots (I’m still drooling over slide 14). Selectism: Chippewa Fall Winter 2013 ‘Original’ & ‘Reserve’ Collections

And finally, here’s a collection of images of breakfasts from around the world. Spoiler alert: people like coffee and carbs. Imgur: Breakfasts Around the World

Still trying to figure this one out, but PROJECT picked me as one of the coolest menswear guys to follow on Instagram. I swear I didn’t pay anyone off. Project: ON TREND: The 10 Coolest Guys on Instagram

About a month late on this, but if you haven’t seen this hilarious used car ad on Craigslist yet, you’re in for a treat. Adweek: The Most Stunning Ad Ever Made for a Used Car With 128,000 Miles That’s Been Puked In Twice

Michael Williams pays a visit to the freshly minted Best Made Co. flagship store in downtown NYC. A Continuous Lean: Procrastinators Delight | Shopping Best Made Co.

William S. Burroughs’ daily routine was as absolutely insane as one might expect. Brain Pickings: Cats, Guns, and Books: William S. Burroughs’s Daily Routine

Mike Mill’s new website is clean, simple, and a great way to kill a few hours before the weekend. Mike Mills

Whole Larder Love’s Rohan Anderson is coming to the US for a book tour this summer. James Fox and the Somerville Public Library are hosting Rohan for a talk on June 17th, which will take place at Fringe and is supported by Barbour. You can purchase tickets by clicking the link. And while you’re getting your ticket, you can pay a little extra to snag one of the letterpress posters I illustrated for Rohan’s book. Indiegogo: Whole Larder Love

Fashionista did a nice post on the burgeoning fashion scene in Nashville. This city is one of the top five places I need to visit in the states this year. Fashionista: A Tour of Nashville’s Burgeoning Fashion Scene

Great article in Rolling Stone about how Crazy Horse jump-started Neil Young’s career. Rolling Stone: How Crazy Horse Jump-Started Neil Young’s Career