West Coast Shaving Wet Shave Set Giveaway

This might be more about me than you care to know, but I have extremely sensitive skin. Consequently, I’ve spent much of my life hating shaving, as it’s always left me irritated and dried out. That’s why I made the switch to wet shaving several years ago (that wet shaving also saves me money and reduces waste are added bonuses). Since ditching the disposable, I’ve come to really enjoy my routine – I even look forward to it. So, why am I telling you this? Because we’ve partnered up with the good folks at West Coast Shaving for a wet shave set giveaway. We want to know: what’s your least favorite part about shaving? Leave your answer in the comments to become entered to win a brand new German-made Merkur Futur safety razor and a UK-made Simpson Colonel brush. You’ve got until Wednesday, May 15th, so let’s hear it.

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  • Dan

    My least favorite part of shaving is the difficulty with getting a smooth shave.

  • Steven Bremer

    My least favorite part of shaving is the irritation to my skin caused by most disposable razors.

  • Matt

    When you nick yourself!

  • Eric Rottner

    Regularly buying and throwing away disposable razors.

  • Rene

    My least favorite part of shaving is when you go and shave and you realize you have a dull blade.

  • Danny

    My least favorite part of shaving is dealing with a cut afterwards. Especially when its on your nose and won’t stop bleeding!

  • Kirk

    Razor Burn

  • Jesse

    I’ve already been enlightened by the use of the safety razor. I guess I’ll say that my least favorite part is that you can’t take the blades in a carry-on bag on airplanes.

    By the way, I saw the making of that razor on How It’s Made. It was very interesting.

  • Philip

    I cannot but agree, nicking and cutting myself when shaving is really frustrating.

    Plus, most (all?) disposable razors only last very few shaves.

  • Daniel

    Least favorite part would have to be realizing that I’ve run out of blades. Disposable or otherwise, trying to get in just one more shave with a bad blade is always a bad idea.

  • Jacob Sheen

    My least favourite part of shaving is watching all the little bits of hair swirl around the sink and finally settle in their watery grave. The beard they could have been… cut down before their prime… just because a halfway beard looks terrible on me, and I would be immediately fired from my job. The blood of a thousand beards is on the hands of my bosses. When will it end?

  • Topher

    The little hair corpses lodged into the spaces between the 17 blade razor you’ve spent too much on for a disposable tool. In addition to mocking you with their seeming invulnerability to being rinsed away they make the micronanomillimeter they inhabit ineffective in the war against shorn skin. My boyfriend rolls his eyes at me when I yell at them so I can’t even count coup.

  • Elegant Slim

    That a big ole beard is unacceptable at my place of business.

  • James Therien

    Definitely when I nick myself getting close with the razor

  • Themis

    My least favorite part is the after-shave smell fading away..

  • Adam

    When you are 13 and you are ridding yourself of that awful dirtstash so Sally won’t be as grossed out by your presence, shaving is a coming of age miracle that signifies your transformation into adulthood.

    My least favorite part about shaving is that now shaving is a ritual saved for interviews and special occasions. Generally events that require you looking not quite like the slob you truly are. Mostly this is because one uses an old disposable blade because the price of replacement razors is just criminal. As such it’s painful (both on the face and in the wallet), requires too much concentration, and leaves me feeling unfulfilled.

    Please, make shaving magical for me again.


  • Mr. Haze

    I use disposable safety razors that I buy from my local drugstore. The thing I hate most about shaving is….Shaving!

  • John Hein

    My least favorite part about shaving is sensitivity after.

  • Joe

    My least favorite part is the irritation on my neck.

  • Geoff

    That spot just under your nose that you can’t quite seem to get.

  • JK

    My least favorite part is actually taking the time to do it. Even worse is taking the time to trim (and clean the trimmings from) my beard.

  • tyler

    My least favorite part, by far, is when I just finish getting a good lather on my face, and every time, I mean EVERY TIME, my fiance walks in while shes about to leave for work and asks why I can shave like a normal man with disposables.

  • Steve

    I am going to agree with the carry on problem. Potential solution is to mail yourself a blade before you leave.

  • David

    When I rinse my clean face and razor after a shave and the hair trimmings and shaving cream residue stick to the sides of my sink.

  • Ron

    Least favorite part is when I cut myself, happens about one every couple of months

  • Andrew

    Least favorite part of shaving? Paying ridiculous amounts of money to do it, and watching my savings run down the drain!

  • http://blog.matthallock.com Matt

    My least favorite part of shaving is when I travel and can’t take my razor, blades, or brush and have to use Barbasol and a terrible CVS disposable, crying over the sink in shame.

  • John

    My least favorite part is the suspense that comes after I shave with my disposable but before I look to see whether I have horrible red blotches on my neck from irritation.

  • Mark

    My least favorite part is about shaving is travelling. I have to buy a new razor when I get to my destination cause you can’t put it in a carry on.

  • John R

    The spot under my chin that I can never get quite right.

  • Adrian

    It’s amazing, how after 1-2 shaves, the disposable blades completely loose their edge, and you have to go over the same place, multiple times, which wreaks havoc on ones skin, if even mildly sensitive.

  • michael

    so many least favorite parts:
    1. Buying new razors. At the store in my neighborhood, they are kept behind protective plastic. I need to press a button to alert a staff person to come and unlock them for me. It takes forever. Then they cost at least $15 each time.
    2. The fact that my hair starts growing back immediately after i am done shaving.

  • William LaRue

    My least favorite part begins the moment the blade touches my neck to the moment all my wounds heal just in time to do it again the next day.

  • Tyler Goulding

    My least favorite part is the dry skin that accompanies the shave

  • Sandeep

    My least favorite part about shaving is when I cut myself every so often and it just ruins my entire day.

  • Danny Beyrer

    My least favorite part about shaving is feeling obligated to make disposable blades last longer than they should because I spent $10-20 on 3 to 5 of them. This just breeds increasingly more terrible shaves.

  • Robert

    My least favorite part is neck irritation. No matter how hard I try to prevent it, it always happens.

  • http://howmanybeards.wordpress.com Travis

    When you have to wake up super butt crack of dawn early and you really don’t want to shave because, honestly you’re too tired to care but you do it anyway so you can get to that meeting and make the sale.

  • Dan

    Any sort of rust on the blade. Gross.

  • Ben

    My least favorite part of shaving is knowing that the only reason I’m shaving is for work. Shaving and looking in the mirror, my reflection screams back at me “You’re part of the system.”

  • Randall

    Least favorite part is shaving around where my chin meets my neck… I never know when to go up or from left to right and I usually cut myself there.

  • Michael

    I hate that my beard grows in all wonky directions, making shaving a bit difficult. I literally have a spiral in one place on the side of my neck.

  • Michele

    I am really not a fan of the skin irritation that comes with using inferior products that have become so ubiquitous these days.

  • Kelly

    I know I shouldn’t ever rush shaving but then I stupidly do and save a couple minutes in return for the fun of applying a styptic pencil and missing that one weird patch

  • http://myscatteredhead.blogspot.com/ Tam

    I really hate getting razor bumps that leads to pimples! I am not a teenager anymore and it is rather embarrassing to have pimples and wrinkles.

  • http://doublemerrick.com Merrick Angle

    My least favorite part of shaving is having to find my razor, then discovering my wife has used it to shave her legs. Hacking at my face with a broken jam jar would be more effective.

  • Alex S.

    My least favorite part of shaving is that I have to make sure to wake up early enough to have time to do it properly.

  • Brian S

    My least favorite part of shaving is having to shave in the first place!

  • James

    Finding the time to shave!

  • Matthew

    Oh gosh. I’d have to say it’s itchy, pimpled skin I get sometimes afterward.

  • Jeff

    My least favorite part of shaving is the red dots and irritation after shaving every time.

  • Alan

    My least favorite part is when I realize it’s time to shave again!

  • Jamie

    Razor burn.

  • stephen

    my least favorite part of shaving is doing it at all. but all i can grow is a patchy mess, so i have to keep it shaved.

  • Colin

    Razor bumps and potential keloid scarring. I have some African ancestry, and thick, curly hair as a result. The sensitivity of my skin to shaving, especially low on neck with disposable razors, is astounding. Real talk. As a result I’ve taken to using an electric razor and leaving 2mm of stubble. I’m lucky enough to work in a start-up culture that allows some slop in one’s grooming, but if I were every to enter the straight-laced corporate world I might be out of luck (unless this wet shaving thing lives up to the hype).

  • Sonny

    The least favorite part of shaving is either shaving with the grain and not getting a close enough shave or shaving against and dealing with the irritation. Lose-lose situation.

  • Jonathan

    The inevitable razor burn that comes with using cheap razors.

  • Steven

    Wow, what a coincidence! I just got myself a Merkur Futur on Monday, love it.

    Just looking for a nice brush and stand now.

  • David

    Not getting a close shave with an electric razor!

  • Preston

    Having dark hair and pale skin, I hate that after I’m done shaving, it looks like I haven’t shaved at all.

  • Nick S.

    The part when you’ve just finished and rinsed off only to realize you have 3 stragglers under your chin…

  • Michael King

    My least favorite part is razor burn and nicks from not getting the lather right or not having soap that lathers well. Cheers.

  • http://dicky-pickles.org wesman

    I just hate to spend so much money on fancy name-brand multi-blade razors (mach 3) as well as the waste of material when these go in the trash

  • Justin

    Razor Burn…

  • Ezra

    The worst part about shaving is judging when the stubble has gone from “masculine and handsome” to “potentially homeless.”

  • jared

    My least favorite part of shaving: Shaving around my adam’s apple.

  • Dave

    When my brush starts shedding but I am not quite ready to invest in a new one.

  • http://josb.tumblr.com Jose L

    Realizing at the end of the shave that I’m out of aftershave.

  • http://www.elvisrowe.com Elvis Rowe

    My least favorite part of shaving was the irritation. Now that I’ve switched to a safety my biggest grip is the inability to get as close of a shave as before.

  • Ian Dickinson

    The most difficult part for me is taking the extra time to make sure I haven’t missed any patches.

  • Joshua Yang

    Least favorite part of shaving is realizing I dont have facial hair.

  • Ethan

    The lack of easily accessible quality shave soap and brushes.

  • garri

    My least favorite part of shaving is when I can’t get my beard/sideburns/mustache even! Makes me feel all lopsided.

  • Justin Morgan

    My least favorite part of shaving is the terrible irritation I’m getting, which I’m hoping is partly due to the disposable cartridges I’ve always used!

  • Drake

    shaving takes too much time.

  • Andrey

    The worst part is getting ingrown hairs!

  • Daniel

    For me, the worst part about shaving is when i cut myself. I always end up hiding in the bathroom for a bit to wait for my face to heal up. It would be embarrassing to be known as a bad shaver.

  • http://Www.daraguiney.com Dara

    The least favorite part of shaving is the mad sound of coyotes howling at my wounds. Make it stop!

  • http://howtogrowamoustache.com Douglas Smythe

    My least favorite part about wet shaving is…that I can only do it once a day! I love it and the whole process!

  • Eric

    Getting the hair below my nostrils and the dimple in my chin. Sometimes I nick, sometimes I get it right.

  • Rick

    My least favorite part of shaving:

    -Irritation and cuts underneath the chin.

  • Jake

    As an active-duty military member and wet-shaving enthusiast currently deployed to Afghanistan, my least favorite part about shaving is having to do so in communal bathrooms. Explaining the benefits and process of wet-shaving to bemused onlookers (while trying not to come off as a pompous ass) has become an inconvenient–albeit inevitable–daily occurrence.

  • Craig

    Least favorite part of shaving is getting my chin dimple without cutting.

  • David

    The disposable razor has no romance.

  • Brad Rice

    The worst part for me is scouring my face for that one small part of hair that I’ve forgotten to shave. Because, no matter how much I appreciate the job I’ve done, I will walk away from it all, get in the car, and feel some hair I missed while stuck in rush hour traffic.

  • Sig Peralta

    Definitely cutting myself!

  • Vince W

    I try not to be too negative but my least favorite part of shaving is examining my Mach 3 blade and figuring out if it’s still capable of doing the job. I sweat those blue strips fade faster than the blade dulls.

  • Jason Clary

    When you nick yourself and it won’t stop bleeding. Usually due to daydreaming or thinking about work when shaving and not paying enough attention.

  • Andrew K

    My least favorite is the small nicks and cuts.

  • Jordan

    My facial hair grows in a zillion jillion different directions and mostly on my neck. Can’t grow a proper beard to save my life so I’m forced to shave.

  • David

    Not having a razor to shave with.

  • Jerry Zhao

    My least favorite part is getting razor burn

  • Mac

    My least favorite part of shaving is trying to get that bit under my jawbone back by my ear that kind of changes direction on me. What is it doing back there?

  • Scott

    My least favorite thing about shaving is how we have lost the art of shaving with a safety razor. We have nothing to lose but our disposables.

  • ben

    The nicks and cuts afterwards are the worst.

  • Robert W.

    Cutting yourself when you have someplace important to be! That or keeping my sideburns even.

  • Shawn lee

    Aftershave burns and rashes.

  • jat

    My least favorite thing about shaving is the burn & redness I get when doing my best to shave cleanly just below my nose. I recently switched to a safety razor recently myself and it’s been helpful. I wish I had tried that years ago. That beautiful Merkur & brush would be a very welcome upgrade for a guy like me!

  • Nick

    My least favourite thing about shaving is that small sense of surrender, knowing that I don’t really grow very good facial hair and should probably just stop kidding myself and go back to being clean shaven. *Sigh*

  • will

    least favorite part: it takes a while to set the proper foundation–warm toweling, oiling, and lathering up.

  • Will

    Razor burn is never good

  • Josh

    Irritation and rashes!

  • Leon

    Running out of razors

  • Joe Chiang

    Least favorite is not being allowed to take my double-edge in my carry-on!

  • Joseph

    The worst part about shaving using a WCS design, is it only happens once a day!

  • http://N/A Cort

    My least favorite part of shaving is when I nick muhballs.

  • http://Nah Phillip

    Missing spots looking like a clown.

  • Tristan

    Having to stare at my patchy, sad excuse for facial hair before I shave it off.

  • Dano Bennett

    Mine is when my Wife has clearly been secretly using it on her legs and God knows what else! I need a man’s blade that she’s too girly to handle!

  • Gary

    My least favorite part is that everything is so expensive.

  • Christopher Daniel

    I hate feeling like shaving is a chore. Thats why I switched to wet shaving. It is now a relaxing part of my day, and not something I feel like I only do because I HAVE to. Now I WANT to shave!

  • Raymond

    My least favorite part is when dull blades pull my facial hair – a painful reminder that it’s time to change my blades

  • Emily

    MY least favorite part about my HUSBAND’s shaving: what happens when he shaves with a dull razor. I hate going in for a smooch only to find his face is still scratchy.

  • David

    My least favorite part of shaving is the skin irration I get on my neck after using a cheap razor because I haven’t invested in a quality safety razor yet.

  • deckel

    My least favorite part of shaving is using Mach 3 blades and KNOWING that there’s a better way out there. I need to switch to a good safety razor!

  • http://www.madetoreview.com Shane Kroening

    My least favorite part is the hair getting stuck in between the blades on each stroke.

  • Michael Merline

    My least favorite part of shaving is all the problems that happen when I don’t shave on a regular schedule. The process transforms from a wonderful daily ritual to an exercise in face-marring frustration. Wet shaving every day, right after the shower, saves me a lot of trouble and starts my morning the right way.

  • David

    Ingrown hairs. Ugh.

  • Ryan

    My least favorite part of shaving is the five o’clock shadow making its appearance by noon! Get me off the disposable razors and on to the wet shave, west coast shaving!

  • Jason

    My least favorite part about shaving is knowing its gonna hurt, but having to do it anyway!

  • Luke

    My least favorite part about shaving is trimming my sideburns to make sure they’re even- I always seem to leave the house without noticing the imbalance.

  • Ryan

    My least favorite part of shaving is being at the point of facial hair density that you can’t grow a beard or any type of respectable facial hair, yet if you don’t shave you are stuck with a cesspool of pubic hair patches on your face. There’s no winning here man.

  • Alex

    I absolutely hate rushing through a shave only to get to work to find I’ve still got a nice hint of shadow and a few rough patches. Need to have the right equipment to do it right the first time!

  • Justin

    Using two BIC disposable razors in 1 shaving

  • Brandon Arnold

    I’ve been using the Truefitt & Hill sandalwood cream and love the morning process, though I haven’t spent the money yet on a non-disposable. Gimme gimme!

  • Jeff

    I can count the number of times on one hand that I’ve shaved since I retired from the Navy almost five years ago. I used to have to shave every weekday and most weekends…if I remember right, I hated razor burn the worst.

  • http://well-spent.com Brad

    Thanks for commenting everyone. Lots of great answers (many of which I can relate to personally).

    We’ve chosen a winner using the random number picker located here: http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/random/

    And that is Michael at # 32.

    Congrats Michael. And thanks again everyone else!


  • Hannah

    Alright guys, I will give you the perspective of a woman! I don’t like when my man shaves because he doesn’t know how! He is in the behind the scenes film industry and doesn’t have a whole lot of time to shave correctly with his cruddy college razor. Hoping I can get my boyfriend a razor to help his clean cut look on the job :)

  • Steven Cash

    Shaving the cleft in my chin I always get a nick