Beams Plus Denim Button-Down Shirt

Nobody should have a denim shirt in their wardrobe. They are the worst. Especially this Beams+ Denim Button-Down Shirt. The indigo-dyed, cotton-linen blend goes with nothing, and is an awful fabric for spring / summer. And Beams+ isn’t one of the best Japanese brands around. So, don’t buy this sad excuse for a shirt from Unionmade. This is not reverse psychology.

For price and purchase info, visit Unionmade.

  • nick howard

    Nick, I wish I had you job and money becausse you make it seem that $180 shirts can be bought ever other day.

  • Russell Druiven

    While $180 is far too steep for me to pay, a $125 shirt from Ratio Clothing is absolutely worth every penny.
    You need to balance out how much you’ll wear that particular shirt. Believe me, my RC shirt is the nicest one I own.