What We Read This Week

That’s rich. Get Kempt: The Five Greatest Tax Write-Offs of All Time

ACL takes a look at the new Waxed Cruiser Jacket from Best Made Co. Related: I really want the new Waxed Cruiser Jacket from Best Made Co. A Continuous Lean: Wants & Desires | Best Made Co. Waxed Cruiser

Two hugely powerful op-eds from the New York Times this week: one by Gitmo detainee Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel, and the other by former congresswoman Gabby Giffords. I highly recommend reading both. New York Times: Gitmo Is Killing Me; A Senate in the Gun Lobby’s Grip

And on kind of a lighter note, here’s a list of crimes committed by Elvis impersonators. Esquire: Elvis Impersonators: Serial Menaces to Society

While your non-stylish friends may love knocking back a few beers with you, deep down they secretly hate you because of your stylish ways. Compex: 8 Reasons Why Your Non-Stylish Friends Hate You

Did you know that some of the best moments in movie history, including Lloyd’s “most annoying sound” in Dumb & Dumber, were unscripted? Rankopeida: Best Unscripted Movie Scene, Moment or Line

My life changed for the better on Thursday, April 11th at 9:39pm when my son, Oliver Joseph was born. Instagram: Ollie says sup.

While I was researching my Joy Division piece this week, I came across this amazing video about the iconic image on the cover of their debut album Vimeo: Data Visualization Reinterpreted by VISUALIZED

From the Urban Outfitters blog of all places, comes this great remembrance of Laura Dern’s style from Jurassic Park. UO Blog: Jurassic Style: Laura Dern

And for some laughs heading into this weekend, check out this remarkable leaked email from a Maryland sorority girl to the rest of her house. Gawker: The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You Will Ever Read

Part II of my Q&A with Jesse Loomis of PowderJet snowboards. N’East Style: PowderJet Snowboards Part II

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart show some love and support for Boston. The Daily Beast: Stewart and Colbert Love Boston

Friends Micah and Marianna of Old Try created a print to honor those lost and injured from the Boston Marathon bombing. The design is based on the first flag of New England. All proceeds will go to the families impacted by the tragedy. The Old Try: Patriots Day