Inspiration is Where You Find It: Joy Division

Despite only releasing two studio albums, Joy Division’s influence can still be seen today. Favoring thoughtful introspection and moody atmospherics over the traditional three-chord blast of punk, the band helped usher in – and eventually became the poster children for – the post-punk movement. Though their run was cut short by the untimely suicide of front-man Ian Curtis, their legacy as one of the most groundbreaking acts of all time lives on. And that legacy isn’t just due to their music. If there were ever a band that could be described as “cohesive” it’s Joy Division. From their album art, to their press photos, to their clothes, their visual side always matched their audible one. Clad in flap pocket camp shirts, v-neck sweaters, tweed jackets, burly officer’s coats, and narrow ties, the band dressed just like they sounded, and by doing so, helped birth a style many still emulate all these years later. It’s ironic, that when most people think about Joy Division and clothes today, they immediately picture that one Unknown Pleasures t-shirt every art student seems to own, when in reality it’s hard to imagine Ian, Peter, Stephen, or Bernard ever wearing such a thing. They too clearly understood the power of appearance, and that’s a large part of why Joy Division is just as revelvant now as they ever were.

Two classic Joy Division outfits:

Baron Wells Eton Safari Shirt
Sole Survivor Knoxville Casual Belt
Alden Plain Straight Tip Blucher Oxford
Apolis Standard Issue Utility Chinos

Jack Robie White Queens Oxford Spread Collar Shirt
Epaulet Grey Merino Slim Walt Trousers
Skinny Ties Black Eco-2 Cotton Knit Tie
Sterlingwear Authentic Peacoat
Allen Edmonds Kenilworth Shoes

Jake Gallagher is a writer and student currently living in Manhattan. He focuses on back stories and the historical side of menswear at his site You can also follow him on Twitter.