What We Read This Week

Mmm, that’s good internet. Sport Balls Replaced With Cats

Cool Material has launched a new series called Wear This, and I had the honor of doing the inaugural post. Thanks guys! Cool Material: Wear This: Brad Bennett from Well Spent

Warning: the following images cannot be unseen. Know Your Meme: Gou Gou Chuan Siwa / Dogs Wearing Pantyhose

Pitchfork is streaming the new Ghost B.C. album in full, and it is awesome (that is, if you’re into ’70s-style melodic metal performed by Swedes wearing hoods and corpse paint). Pitchfork: Advance: Ghost B.C. Infestissumam

And finally, our own Nick Grant became a father yesterday! Check out his beautiful new baby boy here: Instagram: World, meet Oliver Joseph Grant.

The Atlantic dug up this glorious “Making of” feature for the 1997 trainwreck Batman & Robin, in which just about everyone involved in the movie literally apologizes for how awful it is. The Atlantic: How Not to Make a Batman Movie: The Team Behind ‘Batman & Robin’ Trash It

Derek Guy is currently doing a series on the beauty of the most basic (and in my opinion greatest) men’s shirt: the OCBD. Put This On: The OCBD Shirt Series, Part II: The “Golden Era” Oxfords

I hate doing this, but my friends (and fellow bloggers) Kyle, Jeff and I just released the second installment of our menswear podcast, and I’d appreciate it if you would give it a listen. SoundCloud: Menswear House Podcast Episode Two – Umit Benan

I was in Tampa this past weekend for the opening reception of my incredibly talented older sister’s MFA thesis. The piece is an animation of her painting a canvas. The 4 minute video consists of 3000 still shots so each time you watch it, you catch a new detail. So proud of her! Vimeo: Interpenetration

James Fox introduces us to the Jaws “Filmumentary” created by British filmmaker/editor Jamie Benning. As a huge Jaws fan, this made my week (especially after coincidentally watching the film the very same night James posted this). 10engines: 10E2153: Jaws “Filmumentary”

So excited about this new organization, The Artist Book Foundation. It was founded by Leslie van Breen who I was Publisher’s Assistant to when she was the Editor of Hudson Hills Press. Really looking forward to the amazing work they’ll do. The Artist Book Foundation