What We Read This Week

Ventriloquist Dummies are fucking terrifying. Slate: The Endearing, Funny, and Disturbing Faces of Ventriloquist Dummies

Watch as a computer program transforms Madonna’s “Get in the Groove,” that awful song from Titanic, and other cheese-pop standards into trap rap bangers. Pigeons & Planes: New Plug-In Turns Any Song into a Trap Song

Artist Clement Valla has discovered a number of mind-bending, Dali-esque images created by Google Earth. Postcards From Google Earth

Can’t remember what your favorite menswear sites looked like back in the late ’90s / early ’00s? Cool Material can help you with that. Cool Material: Menswear Sites: Now and Then

One of my favorite comics growing up, Calvin & Hobbes, gets a very non-comical mock-film preview. YouTube: Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie (Fan Trailer)

Our very own Jake Gallagher took a visit to Inventory New York, which 90% of menswear didn’t even know opened last month. Wax Wane: A Visit to Inventory New York

Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger tells all about his Gucci addiction. GQ: My Gucci Addiction

Historically, women in jazz have often been reduced to vocalists, if not totally ignored. NPR’s Blog Supreme takes a look at five female players who were also bandleaders. A Blog Supreme: The Women In Charge Of The Band

Any chess nerds out there? Maybe? Okay, design nerds? The Smithsonian explains how the chess set as we know it today got its design. Smithsonian.com: How the Chess Set Got Its Look and Feel

Mr Porter put together a comprehensive homage to French style icon Alain Delon. Mr. Porter: Style Setters: Mr. Alain Delon

Voxsart, one of my absolute favorite bloggers, wrote a love letter to the OCBD. Voxsartoria: A Brief Tale Of Four Shirts

The first trailer for Ryan Gosling/Nicolas Winding Refn’s “not a sequel” to Drive just came out, and guess what? It looks just like Drive! YouTube: Only God Forgives Official Red Band Trailer #1

I posted another feature in my ongoing Freedom & Unity series. It’s part 1 of a Q&A with PowderJet Snowboards founder, and fellow Vermonter, Jesse Loomis. Really awesome guy with a huge amount of talent. N’East Style: PowderJet Snowboards Part I

Scientific proof that Vermont syrup tastes better than all the rest, from our friends at Bobo’s Mountain Sugar. Bobo’s Mountain Sugar: Boiling

Friend and adventurer Jeff Thrope made a list of his top five spring vacation spots for Filson’s blog. Filson Life: Top 5 Spring Travel Destinations with Jeffrey Thrope