What We Read This Week

Guns replaced with thumbs-ups in movie stills = the internet at its very best. Thumbs and Ammo

An excellent thought piece from Henry Rollins about the Steubenville Rape Case. Henry Rollins: Dispatch 03-17-12 Los Angeles

Pitchfork has been streaming the new Strokes album in full this week, which is great since it saves us all the trouble of deleting it after listening (Zing! Seriously though, it’s not very good). Pitchfork: The Strokes Comedown Machine

In some of my proudest investigative work to date, The Complex Style crew and I rounded-up 50 things you didn’t know about streetwear legend, Supreme. Complex: 50 Things You Didn’t Know About Supreme

Tom Ford chimes in on the Justin Timberlake “Suit & Tie” discussion, as JT drops his latest (and greatest?) album, “The 20/20 Experience.” New York Times: Justin Timberlake, He’s All Dressed Up

Blogging God Gary Warnett goes on a diatribe about some of his “heroes in print,” the differences between online and print coverage, how it’s hard to throw away old magazines, Gunplay’s fake Supreme/Specials T-shirt and the joy he gets from reading the incredible writing of my buddy Jian Deleon and Four Pins. Gwarizm: Heroes in Print

I enjoyed this photo essay from French photographer Charles Fréger, which documents humans transforming into beasts. NYT Lens: Where the Wild Things Are

A fun read about how one of the NBA’s greatest power forwards now works as a crossing guard. Deadspin: Why Is One Of The NBA’s All-Time Greatest Scorers Working As A Crossing Guard Now?

Queue this video up for later viewing. A wonderful retrospective and insight into one of hip-hop’s most influential producers, the one and only J Dilla. Crate Diggers chronicles his prolific career and unearths his massive record collection. Rappcats: J Dilla’s Vinyl Collection on Crate Diggers

Jamie Apostolou of The Standard Edition pays a visit to the little known menswear mecca that is Holland & Sherry’s New York flagship. The Standard Edition: Fabric First: Holland & Sherry

Between the photos of back issues of M magazine, Polo catalogs from the nineties, and candid shots of Prince Charles and Ralph Lauren, Cooper Frederickson is one site worth checking out this week. Cooper Frederickson

This week on Inside the Actor’s Studio Tiny Fey was asked to bring back her Sarah Palin impression. Hilarity ensued. Gawker: Tina Fey Brought Back Her Sarah Palin Impersonation for Inside the Actors Studio

Friend Rohan Anderson of Whole Larder Love contributed a recipe for Two Day Kangaroo Pie to the “for the love of pie” series on Nikole Herriott’s blog. Forty-Sixth at Grace: For the Love of Pie: Rohan Anderson

I’m doing a series of posts this month celebrating female authors, artists, business owners, and creatives on the site. Click the link to check out the first batch of posts. N’East Style: Tag Archives: Women

James Fox of 10engines looks back at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist 23 years ago, as officials claim this week that they have finally identified the culprits. 10engines: 10E2138: The Gardner Heist – 23 years Ago

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    I watched the Dilla vinyl video. It was great. Another good one on Dilla is BBC Radio 1xtra’s “Gone Too Soon” series about him.

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