One Star Leather Custom Chromexcel Belts

Belts weren’t always my best friend growing up, as I was a bit of an unruly child. But, now that I’m older, my relationship with them has gotten much better. So, I can still appreciate what a great deal these One Star Custom Chromexcel Belts are. Chicago screws and a brass buckle are combined with handcut Horween Chromexcel leather, custom-sized to your specifications. And all for a mere $50. Hell, I’d still want one of these even if my parents were still whooping my ass.

For price and purchase info, visit One Star Leather’s Etsy Shop.

  • Tom

    They look great but I would be concerned with what part of the hide these are made from. Cowhide chromexcel is notoriously stretchy and that might not bode well for the life of a belt.

  • Ude

    Ha, I remember when One Star was the ‘discount’ Horween leather-goods seller on Etsy. Now that the likes of Hellbrand effectively priced themselves out of the attainable market ($150 for a chromexcel NATO watchband? F off) looks like One Star is upping their prices to fill the gap.

    Looks like TheStowe is currently the new ‘discount’ horween seller. Enjoy it while it lasts.