Battenwear Three-Layer Vests

Have you ever had a pizza burger? You know, with the beef, cheese and marinara sauce wrapped in bread and deep fried? Well, this Battenwear Three-Layer Vest is kind of like one of those, but without the impending heart attack. Warm, thermal-bonded virgin fiber loft is surrounded by 4 oz. ripstop nylon, and then topped off with a layer of denim. And, at just shy of $200, it’s a low-cal treat you can enjoy over and over. Om nom nom.

For price and purchase info, visit Kafka.

  • animan

    I want your job, Nick. Just shy of $200? I really want a job that allows me to buy this as opposed to something more in my range. I guess anything else under $100 is sub par.

  • Yo Chi

    @animan: if you’re looking for less pricey items, on the sidebar just select “budget” under the “price” field. If it’s specifically a vest that you’re looking for I recall there being a roundup of a bunch of different vest options that was posted a month or two ago, and there were a lot of good sub-$200 pieces in there.

  • Peter

    @Yo Chi – Eh, I’m with animan. It’s a nice vest, but let’s not call it a “bargain” at sub $200. It’s stuff like this that makes me buy imported substitutes.

  • Yo Chi

    @Peter – If you re-read my prior comment I made no value statement about these particular vests, I just pointed out to Animan that there are other options in a variety of prices that have been covered on this site as well (“Bargain” was your choice of word). As long as your “imported substitutes” were both ethically and well made then I don’t think there’s anything to fret about.

    As far as pricier ethically and well made items potentially being a bargain though, I have a pair of Nudie Jeans that I picked up over 6 years ago at about $160 that are still ticking today (and that despite being worn on countless hiking, climbing, and camping trips). In the past I’ve had more cheaply made pants fall apart in a fraction of that time. At a breakdown of a little over $26 per year for my jeans I consider that not bad bang for my buck.

  • Lee Zamparo

    Does it not seem perverse that you have to shop online in a store to buy a vest made in Brooklyn? Am I wrong?

    • Brad

      @Lee – all the US stockists are sold out of the vest.