Epaulet Polka Dot Buttondown Collar Shirts

After feasting your eyes on these US-made Polka Dot Shirts from Epaulet, you might feel a bit dazed. That’s because their large polka dots, slim fit and American roll collar create an optical illusion that makes any dude wearing one look like a master of the perfectly pulled-off style risk. Cop your own for $150 and get mystifying.

For price and purchase info, visit Epaulet.

  • animan

    Nick, I want you job so I can cop $150 shirts

  • Craig

    I usually love everything Epaulet does, but the way the dots on the button band don’t match up with the dots on the shirt makes it look super sloppy. Its and Epaulet fail!

  • Joe

    This has been a trend in Japan for over a decade now. It is odd to see it pick up in the US.

  • James

    Do you know if these are available anywhere in the UK?