Tellason Natural Ladbroke Grove Jeans

For some, white or natural jeans might still feel like a bit of a style risk. So, what better way to take it than with one of the most dependable denim brands around. These Natural Ladbroke Grove Jeans from Tellason are made in San Francisco out of undyed Cone Mills selvedge denim. Their fit is slim, their details are subtle and their construction is gangbusters, all of which makes them one of the safer bets you’ll ever make.

For price and purchase info, visit Mohawk General Store.

  • Jeremy

    Any idea what the selvedge thread color is? I think that small detail would be important for a piece like this.
    I think white denim’s are going to be gaining a bit more popularity soon as quality denim awareness rises. White denim has always been around but when Tellason does it people take notice.

    We have a white denim shirt jacket that women are enjoying as a single piece or for layering.

    White denim no longer just for Europeans or before and after certain calendar dates.

  • Jeremy

    Yea thats really great. Super smart and the attention to detail shows.