What We Read This Week

The incredible true story of an unwitting drug mule (who might not actually have been all that unwitting). New York Times: The Professor, the Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of Trouble

Arguably the best reason yet to buy a Mac. Ars Technica: Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams

A spanish interior designer has painstakingly rendered the floor plans of a number of fictional TV homes. And what have you done lately? deviantART: nikneuk’s gallery

During a set earlier this week at SXSW, DJ Young Guru gave us a first listen of Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe Remix featuring Jay-Z: Vimeo: bitch dont kill my vibe ft. jay z @ sxsw

This is the nastiest posterizing dunk I’ve seen in a very long time. Even non-sports fans can rejoice in this one. Deadspin: This DeAndre Jordan Alley-Oop Is Disgusting And We Should All Just Go To Bed Now

Jon Moy’s Guide to the Ultimate Cool Guy Jobs on Four Pins reveals just how in shambles my life really is. Four Pins: The Four Pins Guide To The Ultimate Cool Guy Jobs

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is exhibiting a huge lot of photographs from legendary street photographer Garry Winogrand. Mother Jones spoke with SFO photography legend Ted Pushinsky about the retrospective. Mother Jones: Never Before Seen Photos From Legendary Street Photographer Garry Winogrand

Times, they are a-changin’. Take a peek at the New York Times’ soon-to-launch redesign, and request access to the prototype while you’re at it. New York Times: A First Look

I sat down with Mike Kuhle of Epaulet to chat about the evolution of the Epaulet in-house brand, strong tiki drinks and screaming karaoke – you know, the usual. StyleSeek: Checking In: Epaulet – Lower East Side, New York

In one the most awesome/horrifying/make-me-never-want-to-leave-the-house videos I’ve ever seen, Ice Climber Mark Roberts used his helmet cam to capture an epic mid-climb slipup that sent him barreling down the face of a cliff. USA Today: An ice climber captures his own terrifying fall on a helmet cam

Mr Porter dropped an end of winter look book this week featuring L’Uomo Vogue editor Robert Rabensteiner, and it is chock full of ridiculousness. Mr. Porter: The Look: Mr. Robert Rabensteiner

Featuring Ray Wise (best known as Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks) and directed by the ever-absurd Eric Wareheim, Beach House’s new video is well worth a watch. Gorilla vs. Bear: video: Beach House – “Wishes”

James Fox of 10engines explores Somerville, MA’s new donut shop Union Square Donuts. I’m still salivating over that maple bacon beauty. 10engines: 10E2135: Union Square Donuts

Max Wastler takes a look at Porter and Hollister Hovey’s new book, Modern Heirloom. It hits bookshelves March 14th. All Plaidout: Heirloom Modern

I was honored to be named one of The Boston Globe’s 25 Most Stylish People this past Sunday. Take a look at the article online if you missed the print issue. Boston Globe: Christine Mitchell