Apolis Standard Issue Utility Chinos

Finding the perfect pair of chinos can feel a lot like searching for the meaning of life. No matter how high or low you look, or what questions you ask, you’re still bound to come up empty handed. Well, hear my thunderous voice from on high as I introduce the Standard Issue Utility Chinos from Apolis. Made in Los Angeles, the slim but not skinny pants are perfect for all your holy and unholy activities. So, you still may not know what you’re here for, but at least you’ll look great while trying to figure it out.

For price and purchase info, visit Apolis.

  • animan
  • david

    yikes…moosey indeed.

    anyone know how the Apolis chinos run compared to Epaulet or Unis?

  • juanderlust

    I have a pair of unis gio in 33 and a 32 in these- 6’3″ 175 lbs. The fit is very similar and both are a great pair of chinos. I would agree that these apolis chinos bring out more moose knuckle where the unis leave a bit more to the imagination. Apolis are lighter weight but solidly built. If I had to choose one pair- I’d go with the apolis.