Muttonhead Baseball Pants

Call me old fashioned, but I still can’t get behind the sweatpants trend. To me, they’ll always be reserved for the home. Or the gym. Or that weird kid from elementary school with the asymmetrical bowl cut. That said, these Baseball Pants from Muttonhead are still pretty great. Made in Canada from organic cotton, the slim-fit sweats are handsome enough that you could actually wear them in public without looking like a total loser. Although, I still wouldn’t recommend it. Four colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit Muttonhead.


    These would be perfect as an alternative when the Billy Reid dad jeans are in the hot wash:)

    • Brad

      @Dara Well Played

  • Josh

    Whats wrong with sweats? Wings + Horns and Reigning Champ both make sweats that are nicer than most “pants”. C’mon son!

  • Peter

    This site has tons of great ideas, but I would love to see the fool who dressed exclusively from the worst of Brad’s ideas. Billy Reid dad jeans, and baseball pants.

  • RB

    I agree with Peter. Love the site, but this is terrible. Whoever pays $128 for a pair of elasticized sweatpants is a moron of epic proportions.

  • Toby

    These aren’t sweatpants. They are made out of a cotton twill. Closer to a trouser then anything. Definitely not something you sweat in. I have 2 pairs.

  • Dara

    @Brad Thanks for the sportsmanship, I knew you’d be ok with it! Love the site Brad.

  • Oliver

    I have one of these, really good quality and nice fit! Go cop one!

  • Stephen

    I haven’t seen these before but I really dig them. You can’t really call them sweatpants when they’re made of cotton twill. I will definitely grab a pair and check them out. Anyway keep up the great work.