BILLYKIRK Striped Wool Bags

When you were a kid, you took your blankie everywhere. It made you feel secure, no matter what. Now, as an adult, BILLYKIRK is helping you to relive that feeling with their Striped Wool Bags. Made in the USA from Horween leather, nickel-plated brass hardware and domestically-sourced striped wool, the bags will keep your goods as safe as your blankie kept you. Four styles are available, and they’re all 60% off with code WELLSPENT.

For price and purchase info, visit BILLYKIRK.

  • SirNuke

    Bags look neat, but the link 404s. Looking through the category of bags, nothing seems to be on sale.

    • Brad

      Damn. They were still on sale yesterday. Thanks for the heads-up @SirNuke.

      • Brad

        UPDATE: The sale has ended, but the good folks at BILLYKIRK are extending the markdown for Well Spent readers. Just use code WELLSPENT at checkout.