Billy Reid Light Wash Standard Jeans

There’s a fine line between good washed denim and bad washed denim. The good, simply look like jeans you’ve had forever. The bad, on the other hand, are clearly fabricated to appear aged; fake creases at the crotch, bleached thighs – basically, the denim equivalent of frosted tips for your hair. That said, these Light Wash Standard Jeans from Billy Reid are very much an example of the good. Cone selvedge denim, cut and sewn in the USA, zero extraneous details, and now 30% off.

For price and purchase info, visit Billy Reid.

  • Tim

    these are dad jeans

  • Neil

    Probably just the styling in that photo, but damn those look bad.

  • kaboom

    LOL! Homie, you trippin’. These are dad jeans!///

  • Chris

    C’mon Brad. You have better taste than this.

  • billy

    yikes! so that’s the wal-mart wash, then?

  • kaboom

    but everything looks better on instagram ;)! I’ve seen maybe one other picture on the interwebz where this looks similarly good, and I’ve never seen this combo work well IRL, in spite of being a pretty common look. it’s just difficult to pull together two fairly incongruent fits and textures, regardless of whether the jeans are a lighter wash or not…

  • Jake

    dad jeans are boss

  • Rick

    Agreed, kind of a denim fail.

    But Obama and/or Romney would definitely wear these!
    Get it :D Because during the election all anyone talked about was their dad jeans!

    They probably both shopped at Billy Reid and grabbed these, cause they wanted to wear a hip brand…

  • Seth

    I have these jeans and they are a great fit and very comfortable. I really wanted lighter jeans and picked up these. They are not a light as in the pictures. Go get you a pair.

  • Andy

    ^ Dad… is that you?

  • Bob

    I admit to not liking these at first either, but I’m coming around. More reasons for dad jeans