What We Read This Week

A new website that aggregates headlines silly / absurd / outlandish enough to be from The Onion, but that are actually real. The Ononeon

The remarkable story behind the lastest batch of images from the ongoing Sonic Editions x Impossible Cool collaboration. Esquire: A Trip to Iron Mountain with Sonic Editions

Underwater sculptures made from garbage, to remind us not to let our garbage wind up underwater. Fast Co. Create: See Amazing Underwater Sculptures Made of Our Marine Trash

Seeing as though I am terrible at my job, I gave some advice to aspiring style writers that I hope to follow myself one day. Complex: How to Make it: Tips For Becoming a Successful Style Writer

This is very important. Jalen Rose breaks down what really happens when NBA players go to the club. My respect for Mr. Rose has risen exponentially. I feel the same way with my blogger entourage. YouTube: What Really Happens When NBA Players Go to Nightclubs

The New York Times once again proves that they’re 5 years behind everyone with this article discussing how style & fashion have infiltrated the lives of straight men. T Magazine: The Rise of the Well-Dressed Man

Gear Patrol wins National Coffee Week. If for any reason you missed it, here’s a round-up of some really cool guys and how they like their coffee. For what it’s worth, I brew mine with a Chemex during the week and an AeroPress on the weekends. Gear Patrol: How 16 Men of Note Take Their Coffee

Hat tip goes to Open Culture for pointing me to this archive of cover designs for one of the 20th century’s most controversial books, Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Spanning 185 covers, 37 countries and 56 years, it’s a fascinating overview of how different artists have interpreted Nabokov’s disturbing masterpiece. Dieter E. Zimmer: Covering Lolita

London-based type designer Seb Lester updates medieval BlackLetter typography for a modern audience in this short video. Every single stroke of Lester’s pen is meaningful, compelling and strangely perfect. Fitting music, too. Easily one of the most relaxing videos I’ve seen all week. Vimeo: Sketchbook, February 2013

Artist Jose Guizar’s project to recreate the windows of New York is one of the coolest pieces of digital art I’ve ever seen. Windows of New York

Yale Breslin takes us inside Club Monaco designer Aaron Levine’s natural habitat. Esquire: A Man in His Office: Aaron Levine of Club Monaco

For a nice soundtrack to your weekend, Ontario artist Ryan Hemsworth dropped this mix for FADER. FADER: FADER Mix: Ryan Hemsworth

It’s always disheartening when a mega corporation blatantly rips off a smaller brand. The latest transgressor: Target has stolen designs from Brooklyn artist Doug Johnston. Doug Johnston: I began creating baskets…

To honor Winslow Homer’s birthday on the 24th, I wrote a mini bio about the iconic New England artist. N’East Illustrated: Winslow Homer

Selectism editor Jeff Carvalho takes a look inside the new book about Parisian design house M/M. Selectism: “M to M of M/M (Paris)” Book from Rizzoli – A Look Inside

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