Paa Ball Caps

You’re a tasteful guy. You like nice things, but you’re not showy about it; you prefer quiet luxury. And that’s why these Ball Caps from Paa are for you. Made in the USA out of heavyweight wool, and featuring a kelly green underbrim, satin binding and cotton twill sweatband, the snapback hats are far nicer than the average fare, without being ostentatious about it. Three colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit Paa.

  • Ash

    i feel like i can keep this hat for the next 25yrs and i’ll still wear it and love it. (got mine in jade)

  • thatprettymothaucker

    Love these!

  • Rick

    These are pretty great.
    Super simple and high quality.

    Is this Ebbets Field?