What We Read This Week

In duh, no duh news: (most) junk food companies are real, real evil. New York Times: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

Damn nature, you crazy. This is Colossal: Massive Bird Nests Built on Telephone Poles in Southern Africa are Home to Multiple Species of Birds

Bill Cosby discusses Cosby Sweaters. Collector’s Weekly: Bill Cosby Schools Us About Those Crazy Sweaters

And finally, please join me in welcoming Well Spent’s newest contributor Michael Nolledo to the fold. I guess it doesn’t really make sense to include that in the link round-up, so here’s a link to his Twitter. Follow him. Twitter: Michael N.

Rutherford Chang collects vinyl. But he’s not just any vinyl collector – he only collects first pressings of the Beatles’ White Album and has nearly 700 copies. Insane. Dust & Grooves had a chat with Chang, whose epic collection is currently on display at Recess Gallery in SoHo. Dust & Grooves: Rutherford Chang – We Buy White Albums

Got to love this gem from Matador Network. 7 Worst International Aid Ideas? Headline says it all. A great read that may or may not shake the foundations of your moral outlook of the world. Matador Network: 7 Worst International Aid Ideas

I nearly flipped my shit when I came across the vintage Japanese textile porn in this week’s Hickoree’s mailer. Too much wabi-sabi is NSFW. While I ultimately can’t justify purchasing any of it, I can still admire it all from afar. Hickoree’s: Vintage Japanese Textiles from Sri

We’ve all seen the shot: MJ draining one of the most inspiring buzzer beaters ever. And for Jordan’s 50th birthday, the man on the other side of that shot, Craig Ehlo, relives that and other embarassing moments versus the G.O.A.T. Deadspin: “I’m Gonna Tell You What I’m Gonna Do”: What It Was Like To Guard Michael Jordan, According To Craig Ehlo

Complex’s residential Queen of Style, Soo-Young Kim, hurts a lot of menswear nerd’s feelings with this feature about signs you like clothes too much. I managed to only be guilty of 3 out of 10, so there’s still a chance for me. Complex: 10 Signs You Like Clothes Too Much

Oh, I’m sorry. What was that you said? I can’t hear you over my dreams coming true from Juicy J and The Weeknd collab’ing together for this new song. Hip-hop thuggy music on Well-Spent. GASP! Pigeons and Planes: Juicy J. Ft. The Weeknd – “One of Those Nights”

A legendary writer, both on and off the menswear scene, Hooman Majd gives a short and sweet nod to good ol’ Levis 501’s. The House of Majd: Levi’s

In the never ending argument between bloggers and traditional editors on the place of the internet in fashion, Rachel Seville steps in as the voice of reason with one of the best pieces I’ve read in a very long time. Four Pins: The Skirt: Who’s Selling Out Who At The Fashion Circus?

If you’ve got some time to kill at work today, check out Ben Affleck’s awful – and awfully entertaining – directorial debut from 1993. Vulture: Watch Ben Affleck’s Kinda Bad First Short Film, I Killed My Lesbian Wife

Do yourself a favor this weekend, and pick up GQ Editor Michael Hainey’s new book “After Visiting Friends.” After Visiting Friends

Michael Leviton, the board chair of Chefs Collaborative and the head chef / co-owner of Area Four in Cambridge, MA, discusses the issue of sustainability in the seafood industry in New England. Huff Post Green: Are Trash Fish the Answer?

Laura Serino, Maine Today’s talented fashion editor, interviewed me for the first edition of her new series Maine Style. Maine Today: What is Maine Style? Christine Mitchell from N’East Style Weighs In!

James Fox of 10engines, and president of the Friends of the Somerville Public Library, organized a viewing of “In The Blood”, a documentary on turn-of-the-century Maine lumberman and river drivers. Original viewing was set for Feb 9th, but postponed until this Saturday, Feb 23rd due to Nemo. Check it out if you’re in the area! 10engines: 10E2111: “In The Blood” Screening + Bean Suppah

Snowboarder Mike Basich builds a dream cabin in the Sierras with epic views, a chair lift, and a hot tub. Wall Street Journal: Tiny Cabin, Giant View