The Machus Fragrance by Machus

Fun story: back in the ’80s, Justin Machus’ father had a menswear boutique with its own signature cologne. 30 years later, Justin opened a boutique himself, and, with help from the Portland based perfumery Imaginary Authors, recreated his father’s scent. Aptly named “The Machus Fragrance,” the artificial dye and preservative-free cologne combines orange, cinnamon, walnut, saffron and leather for a robust yet clean scent, that’s as masculine as it is grown-up (I’ve smelled it, and it’s true). Snag yourself a bottle of the Machus family legacy at Machus’ online store.

For price and purchase info, visit Machus.

  • Dan Savickas

    The way the orange and leather play off of each other, with a finish of cinnamon… Amazing. It’s simply fantastic.