Epaulet 8 oz. Canvas Rivet Chinos

Epaulet’s Rivet Chino is definitely not menswear’s best-kept secret. This is – no joke – the fifth time Well Spent has featured some version of the pant. But it’s for good reason: they’re affordable, classic and now available in lightweight, 8 oz. cotton canvas. The newest batch comes in a selection of muted colors that will help you transition into spring, summer and back again (personally, I think the Fatigue is where it’s at). So no secrets here; just think of this as your friendly restock reminder for some of the best pants on the market.

For price and purchase info, visit Epaulet.

  • Nick

    Does anyone else think that these look horrible, or is it just me?

  • http://daveheal.com Dave

    Not sure I’d say horrible, but two things stand out. All the gathered fabric/wrinkles on the upper thigh and the insistence on using shots where the dude has his hands in his pockets. Not the sort of pictures that get me to spend $150 on pants.

  • Rick

    I had a pair and honestly I wasn’t impressed overall.

    I have some Canali Cotton Trousers and a pair of Brooks Brothers Milano Cotton Chinos.
    -Both just seem to have the fit and fabric on point.

    Epaulet has decent fits, but the fabric I wasn’t too happy with. Over time it didn’t wear that well. Started to look old and faded.

  • Phil

    why all the hate?!
    i personally have a pair of the epaulet chinos and they have impressed me tremendously. been through a ton of wear and only looks better for it. perhaps these pictures aren’t so flattering but the fit is perfect for me.