Archival Clothing Henleys

I know your blogroll is filled with wild Guatemalan textile shirts, kabuki print something-or-others, 60s-inspired camo slacks – and whatever else dudes were wearing outside the fashion shows last week. So, you might not be interested in a plain henley. But Archival Clothing makes it easy to appreciate the basics. Offered in a new gray colorway (in addition to the standard Navy), this heavyweight henley is made in the US from a comfortable 7 oz. cotton jersey that won’t stretch or fade no matter how often you wear it. It’ll look good on its own, or as a base layer underneath your crazy-ass Japanese patchwork floral work shirt.

For price and purchase info, visit Archival Clothing.

  • Rick

    How is the fit, comfort and durability of this compared to Wings and Horns?

    Or Sunspel?

    Anyone know?

    • Brad

      @Rick – I have one of the AC Henleys, and I love it. I sized down to a small (instead of my usual medium), and the fit is great. Fabric is super soft and the rubber rugby buttons are a nice touch. I haven’t tried the W+H or Sunspel, so I can’t say how they stack up, but I still recommend the AC version.