Jed & Marne SS13 Shorts

You might be asking yourself, “how the hell can he be thinking about wearing shorts in the middle of February?” Well, when they’re as awesome as Jed & Marne’s SS13 crop, I can’t think about wearing anything else. Made in Guatemala from handwoven cotton fabrics, the shorts boast a slew of unique patterns that you won’t see coming from any other brands. And, they’ll only run you $88 a pop, so hop on over to Indigo & Cotton to scoop up a pair, and tell February to suck it.

For price and purchase info, visit Indigo & Cotton.

  • Rick

    Wish I picked up last seasons patterns when I had the chance, they were great!

    This years is still pretty sweet, but not my style.

    They are very high quality and have a nice finish and sheen to them. My friend rocks them out all the time.