Woolrich Woolen Mills Trail Parka

A quick history lesson: In 2006, WP Lavori launched Woolrich Woolen Mills. The line, which offered modern interpretations of classic Woolrich pieces, was designed by Engineered Garments founder Daiki Suziki, who stayed with the brand until 2011. At which point, Mark McNary took over. Sadly, after the McNairy takeover, nearly all of the Suziki pieces disappeared from the market. That is, until about two weeks ago, when Yoox did a massive shop update. Now, for the first time in years, Suziki’s iconic Trail Parka is available once again. Unfortunately, they’ve only got smalls and larges left. But if that’s your size, here’s a second chance to snag one of the best looking jackets of the last decade.

For price and purchase info, visit Yoox.

  • http://simplethreads.co ryan

    Isn’t this the Shiprock parka? I thought the trail Parka had the snap pocket and then the zipper pocket on the front. Either way, I would of got this awhile ago if they would of had XL. The Kelly Green and this fabric are both beautiful and I’m glad to see it’s sold out. I always like when you post EG or WWM. #Daiki4Ever.

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      @ryan – The Shiprock was more of a shirt-parka hybrid, with a rounded hem and slash pockets on the hips. And hell yes #Daiki4Ever!