Duluth Pack Special Edition Scout Packs

Sure, you may not know how to start a fire with just two sticks, or wrestle a grizzly bear to the ground, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the shit out of one of these Special Edition Scout Packs from Duluth Pack. Made in the USA from exclusive Woolrich fabrics, the canvas-lined, leather-detailed packs will make even the burliest mountain man squeal. Get yours while they last at Saturdays NYC.

For price and purchase info, visit Saturdays NYC.

  • http://tradlands.com Jeremy

    I love seeing two amazing “grandfather” brands come together like this and make great products. And by grandfather I mean heritage brands built decades ago that are still here and what a lot of newer bag, clothing, accessory brands are replicating today.

    Duluth Pack also really reminds me of being a boyscout in the Midwest and taking summer canoeing trips up north to the boundary waters of Minnesota.

  • Rick

    Woolrich always has cool fabrics.

    Much respect to that brand.