Bleu de Paname Standard Shirts

Yup, it’s 2013, and I’m still writing about chambray shirts. But, I’d like to think of that less as an indication of how out of touch with the trends I’ve become, and more as a testament to how great these Standard Shirts from Bleu de Paname are. They’re made in France. They come in a handful of heavy cotton fabrics. And, they’re only $105 a pop. Plus, they’ll last a hell of a lot longer than the blankets and man-skirts, or whatever the hell it is, kids are wearing these days.

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.

  • Sal Minella

    Like all the other shit on these blogs they’re sold out

    • Brad

      @ Sal – The shirts are in the third row after the click-thru, and no, they’re not sold out.

  • animan

    If you take care of any article of clothing, it will last long.

  • Jeremy

    The trend is quality and not if chambray is hot this moment or not. While the internet hype machine moves faster and faster and even spring/summer, fall/winter lines lag behind the daily up-to-date posting schedule I truly appreciate some one recognizing a quality brand and shirt that is made to last and will continue to be relevant next season and next year and so on.

    I really like the dark blue option.

  • Ruben

    Good-looking shirt. Any idea as to how this fits? I prefer slim-fitting shirts and since this is a French company I would imagine the cut is on the slimmer side but do you have any first-hand information?

  • Rick

    Pretty nice, I like that Indigo.