Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoats

Let’s be honest: IKEA sucks. I mean, some of the designs are okay, but by and large the quality is garbage, the assemble-it-yourself instructions are impossible to follow and the stores are a total nightmare. Fortunately, these Stockholm Raincoats from Stutterheim have absolutely nothing to do with IKEA. Designed and crafted in Sweden, the jackets are made from rubberized cotton which is welded together, instead of sewn, so no moisture can seep in at the seams. Other details include snap buttons, an adjustable hood and a surprisingly decent price.

For price and purchase info, visit Stutterheim.

  • Peter

    I love the site, but jeezus, do you have some sort of massive trust fund? You hate IKEA, and love $735 CAD raincoats. Ok.

    • Brad

      @ Peter – the Stockholm coats are $295 USD. Admittedly not cheap, but for made in Sweden and seam-sealed, not an outlandish price either.

  • ben

    Peter: They have some towards the bottom for $315. Still not cheap, but not $735 either.

  • J

    Brad: the $295/$315 USD versions are not made in Sweden. The $735 version is made in Sweden.

  • Rick

    Glad Neighbour in Vancouver has these.

    Gonna try it on and pick it up from my bud there!

  • Peter

    Maybe it’s just because I’m a Prairie boy, and don’t understand the practicality of a good raincoat!

  • Rick


    Spend time in the Northwest (Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Oregon).

    You’ll figure it out real fast…

  • Kevin

    I’m sorry, but even $315 is ridiculous. They only don’t seem AS ridiculous after you’ve seen the $700 coats.

    I’ll take Patagonia any day with the lifetime guarantee, that they totally stand behind.

  • Rick

    Quality and good design can’t often be found on the cheap.

    I feel $300ish is fair for most good quality outerwear.

    If it last 5-10 years like most hope- It’s a pretty good value.