Shoes Like Pottery Low Top Vulcanized Sneakers

Not all canvas sneakers are created equal. These Shoes Like Pottery Low Top Vulcanized Sneakers are not only sewn and assembled entirely by hand in Japan, they’re also put through a highly specialized and meticulous rubber vulcanizing process called ka-ryu, which basically involves firing the shoes in a kiln the same way you would pottery (hence their name). The result is a canvas sneaker you won’t have to re-up every season. Definitely worth the $155 investment.

For price and purchase info, visit Hickorees.

  • Jon

    Much love for Hickoree’s, but South Willard has carried these for quite a while (including a stunning indigo colorway) and looks to have better stock at the moment.

  • David

    Thanks for the heads up, Jon.

  • titi

    These are technically not hand sewn shoes, they are machine sewn. sorry for busting balls.