Columbiaknit Cobblecloth Crews

The first time I saw these US-made Cobblecloth Crews on the Columbiaknit website, I misread the title as “Clobbercloth,” which I actually thought was pretty awesome. I mean, what a great name for a fabric used by a rugby jersey maker. But, alas, it’s Cobblecloth, which is still fine, I guess. Then again, at only $50 a pop, who cares what they’re called? Size down if you order one.

For price and purchase info, visit Columbiaknit.

  • melinda

    what is the fit on these?

    • Brad

      Loose-ish. Size down at least one.

  • Ruben

    How different are these from the ones sold by Archival. I just bought an Archival sweater. Columbiaknit supplies them with sweaters but these are $40 cheaper. I’m wondering if the quality is the same.

  • Topher

    I own a bunch of these and they are my second favorite everyday shirt; the first being the mix-matched rugby shirts Columbiaknit also makes. They aren’t like the Archival sweatshirts really – the fabric is different. These are more like if a pique cotton polo, a rugby shirt, and a sweatshirt had a gloriously comfortable lovechild named Cobble D. Cloth

  • Ruben


    Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.

  • Rick

    Very comfy and decent quality everyday cold weather sweater.

    I got one in the Grey and it bleed the color to a strange purple greyish shade.

    Otherwise for the price, quality is impeccable.