What We Read This Week

Some strong looks from this week’s Capsule NYC show, courtesy of Esquire. Esquire: The Esquire x Capsule NYC Fall Fashion Preview

Speaking of the above: Get Kempt: Capsule New York, By The Numbers

New Coen Bros movie = exciting! Seeing Justin Timberlake in the trailer = not so much. Hopefully his presence will be offset by John Goodman’s. Slate: Trailer Critic: The Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis

Four Pins’ Jon Moy shuts down everyone’s hopes and dreams of being stylish on their own by dropping knowledge darts of truth on us like Xerxes dropped arrows on Leonidas. If at least four of these don’t apply to you, then you’re lying or you suck at dressing. Four Pins: What To Expect When You Begin Experimenting With Your Personal Style

This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest records of all-time: Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. The album’s impact on hip-hop was immediately evident, but it also continues to have residual effects on the society from which it came today. NPR breaks down the album’s influence then and now. NPR: ‘The Chronic’ 20 Years Later: An Audio Document Of The L.A. Riots

Kickstarter funding goal: $100,000. Kickstarter funding raised: $2,945,885. Guess that’s how it goes when you create a high-resolution, low-cost 3D printer. But even with this new technology at our fingertips, should we really be able to have access to something powerful enough to create just about anything our hearts desire? Mashable: One 3D Printer’s Astonishing Kickstarter Success

Rembert Brown discovers the greatest Chappelle’s Show sketch of all time using a 64 sketch bracket system. The article is entertaining, thorough and leaves you wondering just how many times Brown had to watch that Rick James sketch. Grantland: A Battle for the Best Chappelle’s Show Sketch Ever

Richard Press tells the story of his short-lived friendship with Frank Sinatra back in the sixties when Ol’ Blue Eyes, and just about everyone else in New York, still flocked to J. Press. It’s a great tale about New York’s traddy days, fleeting friendships and how Sinatra choose to end his relationships. Ivy Style: Golden Years: My Brief Bromance With Frank Sinatra

As a continuation of their “31 Days” feature, Valet breaks down the five spirits that every guy should own. Valet: Day 24: Essential Spirits

Further proving that he’s now a bigger personality outside the kitchen than in it, The New York Times feature on celebrity chef Eddie Huang is well worth the read, if only for this gem: “I always have two bottles of Hennessy in case something happens,” Mr. Huang said cryptically. New York Times: Chef Who Refuses to Be Defined by His Wok

Brad and I gave you a break from art over the holidays, but we’re back with Vol. 12 of N’East Illustrated x Well Spent. I can’t believe it’s been exactly a year since we started this series. We had our first conversation about it during men’s capsule last January, over breakfast at the coffee shop in The Gershwin hotel where I was staying. I’m so grateful to Brad for giving me the opportunity to illustrate for Well Spent and I’m looking forward to many more months to come, and hopefully you all are too! Well Spent: N’East Illustrated [ed: C, I’m the grateful one!]

I try to visit NYC a couple times a year just to look at art. No trade shows, menswear, etc. Next trip I will definitely be checking out the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at Gagosian. Hypebeast: Jean-Michel Basquiat @ Gagosian Gallery New York Preview

Great article in The New York Times today about Cochran’s Ski Area in Richmond, VT. It was founded in 1960 by Mickey and Ginny Cochran and opened to the public for families to enjoy. Since then, the Cochran family has turned out several downhill racing Olympians. The family became known as the “Skiing Cochrans” in the 70s. Home state pride. New York Times: Short Hillside’s Long Legacy

If you need a good laugh, check out A Bad Lip Reading’s take on some NFL coverage. It’s funny even if you don’t watch football, but hilarious if you do. My fiancé and I have already watched it about a dozen times this week. YouTube: “THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading”