Lumina Classic Chambray Shirts

There’s a lot more to the Classic Chambray Shirts from Lumina Clothing Co. than their insanely low price. They’re made in Chicago out of 100% cotton. They’ve got a great tailored fit, tasteful details, the list goes on. But, at only $78 a pop, it’s easy to overlook those things, and just focus on their cost. Because, seriously, that is an insanely low price. $78! I mean, that’s nuts!

For price and purchase info, visit Lumina Clothing Co.

  • David

    Is there a sizing chart somewhere I am not seeing?

  • David

    Ah found it. Sorry about that. Was expecting it on the product pages.

  • jesse

    I love that they have medium+. I’m 6’2″ and fairly slim. Most medium shirts fit me perfectly everywhere but the sleeves, which are always too short. That medium+ looks like it might be perfect.

  • sarah

    Why did they post a product shot with a clearly ill fitting shirt? The placket should not pucker like that. Makes me think they (or their art department) does not know about fit!

  • andrew

    Can anyone comment on how these things look around the front of the collar in real life? I really like the looks (and price) of these shirts but they all look a little off kilter around the front of the neck on most of the models on their site.

  • andrew

    ^Oops, someone beat me to it. Glad I’m not the only only one who thinks that looks off.

  • Aidil

    And…and suddenly they increased it to $84.

  • Barton

    Hey All,

    I just saw some of these comments on here and as one of the Lumina guys I wanted to address your concerns.

    #1 – The photo is slightly off on fit. We are working to improve our product photography, however, we are a small team and none of us are full time, so we are working our hardest to make your experience better and we thank you for your comments. As always, we hope that you will email us in the future with your thoughts.

    #2 – The price increase was not due to this article (or any others). We had planned a price increase much in advance and unfortunately this came out right before the planned increase. We hope, however, that $6 will not sway your choice too much.

    Please email us at with any other questions you may have.

  • marge

    Has anyone tried a shirt? Would love find a USA or Canada made shirts for work.