American Trench Dark Navy Trench Coat

One of the more appealing things about Kickstarter, for me at least, is that it’s kind of like those Choose Your Own Adventure books from elementary school. Except, instead of helping you to avoid dragons while navigating a castle, your choices are actually shaping the marketplace. Essentially, Kickstarter allows you, the customer, to say “this is something I want to exist, so I can buy it.” Which is exactly how I feel about the Dark Navy Trench Coat from American Trench. Cut and sewn in the United States out of a water-repellent Egyptian cotton fabric from Italy, the slim-fit trench promises good looks, a great fit, and major protection – that is, as long as it gets made. The American Trench Kickstarter campaign ends on January, 30th 2013, and pledges of all sizes are welcome.

For price and purchase info, visit American Trench’s Kickstarter page.

  • Rick

    This is quite pricey compared to established options.
    Honestly I’d rather get a Mackintosh Trench.
    To each his own.

    Looks like with the time left, it shouldn’t have a problem getting funded.

  • Dave

    Yeah, it’s certainly really nice. But $725 is real steep. I get that Kickstarter isn’t a retail store, and I wish these guys luck doing this at scale but probably won’t “purchase” a coat at that price.

  • Zach

    It looks great but the price is a bit much. As well, the textile name H20 protector makes me laugh. It’s just DWR-treated ventile, I’m quite sure outlier uses the exact same fabric in their newer supermarine products.

  • Edino

    Considering that for $725 one could have a tailor make a custom trench coat for you, I would advise anyone reading this to pass. Goodness, that’s a lot of money to offer up for non-established guys.

  • Brian

    I kind of get the comments above, but:

    (a) from what I understand, Ventile is a very expensive fabric;

    (b) a real Mac is going to cost you at least $800 (see;

    (c) if you want a slim fitting Mac (’cause while they’re renowned, it’s not for their shapely lines) you’re going to have to spend even more than that (see here:; and

    (d) if you know a tailor who will custom make you a Ventile trench coat for less than $725, please, please, please give me his name. I’d have him make so many clothes for me that I’d put his kids through college.

  • Francesca

    I get that we have been lulled into paying less and less for clothes over the years due to clothing now made cheaply overseas. We also see clothing as disposable, unlike our grandparents (and possibly parents.). A fine quality American-made trench coat for the well-dressed man, such as American Trench, is the trench coat you will keep and wear for 15 years or more. Outerwear is an investment and there is something to be said for owning a classic.