Draught Dry Goods Varsity Jacket

When you join the Draught Dry Goods team, it’s not for the accolades, or the playing time, or the girls. You’re joining for the jacket. The label’s Varsity Jacket is made in Portland, Oregon, and features a Pendleton wool body, supple blue-grey leather sleeves and a crazy-beautiful quilted floral lining. So buy it on sale now for $300, and get in the game.

For price and purchase info, visit Draught Dry Goods.

  • http://jtrepagnier.tumblr.com J. Trepagnier

    This floral quilted lining is amazing and is thee perfect detailing to accent that wool body and deep red ribbing.

  • Donghwa

    This jacket is amazing! Should I buy this rather than Golden Bear?!

  • evan

    this jacket looks really good. i wish it were cheaper for me to test the waters