Topo Designs Mountain Jackets

It should come as no surprise that Topo Designs’ first foray into outerwear is as awesome as it is. After all, everything else the brand has done so far has been great, so why would their new Mountain Jackets be any different? I guess, I just wasn’t prepared for them to be this good. Made in the USA from water-resistant nylon. Great retro design. Cool details. And all for well under $300. Very nicely done, fellas.

For price and purchase info, visit Topo Designs.

  • Teddy

    No XLs or XXLs?? COOOOOMMMEEEEE OOOOOON TOPO!!!! killin me. I want one. make it happen.

  • pmn

    Nice, but I’d like to see more color options and maybe a fleece lining.