Pella Field Coats

I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news, is that these Pella Field Coats are made in the USA, feature a water-repellent, 10 oz. cotton duck outer, plaid blanket lining inner, nylon quilted sleeves, and, they’re priced at an insanely low $40 per. The bad news, is that there are only smalls and XLs left. Fortunately, it’s a big small, so all you “Heritage” mediums are still good, along with you more sizable readers. Everyone else, better luck next time.

For price and purchase info, visit Rugged Clothing.

  • Rick

    Just wanted to say that little pieces like this, both the information and tone, are the main reasons I come to this site again and again.


  • Rick

    Also where’d you find measurements?


  • sean

    Will report back when i receive the jacket. thanks again, Brad.

  • sean

    Hi, Brad. How big is the size small compared to brands such as J crew or ralph lauren? I once purchased a Filson jacket in size small and it was the largest jacket i have ever purchased. thanks.

  • Teddy

    There are also 2x 3x and 4xls. I wish you would post a few more things that are in the 2x range, with all the rage these days being super slim fitting brooklyn hipster outdoorsman sizes, its tough to find something that was once an XL that has now become a 2 or even 3xl. SO, thanks for posting this, keep up the good work, and fuck you a little bit, but mostly thank you.