Clip & Rope Boots

I’m a little embarrassed by how little I know about Portugal. I know it’s right next to Spain. I know the language is kind of like Spanish, but not. And, I know they make some pretty incredible footwear, like these boots from Clip & Rope, which are produced in limited quantities and feature full grain leather uppers, vibram soles and some seriously handsome designs. Don’t they have their own kind of wine too? Men of Ilk has the boots, and code HMEDX82 gets you 20% off.

For price and purchase info, visit Men of Ilk.

  • Simon Tuntelder

    Having handled these boots, I can tell you, that they are absolutely horrible. As in really, really, really horrible.

    Especially when you think about boots like Danner, Limmer and other proper makers. Then they become even more horrible.

    I don’t mean to sound harmful or anything, I just trying to help your readers from not making the mistake of buying these boots.

  • Elliot Warden

    Sorry Simon but i have to disagree, in fact i’m a little shocked to hear someone say that. These boots are outstanding! I own 2 pairs and they are unbelievably well made boots. Plus they are much cheaper than Danner boots and far more fashionable in my opinion.

  • Tom Going

    Agree with Elliot! Great boots, and really great prices considering how well made they are. And way more fashionable than Danner in my opinion too. Love my pair and want more! Surprised to see someone being so negative about something so good.


    does anyone know if these boots are garranteed for life or at least for more than a year?
    bought mine last year and they broke yesterday… the back of the sole come off…i was told they were super taugh boots…i doubt that now
    i bought them here in denamark where they cost a fortune…someone please let me know if there is a home page from the people who make these boot so i can write them a complaint letter

  • piotrus

    Well you are an american