Best Made Co. Standard Sweatshirts

Enough is enough. You’ve suffered a lifetime’s worth of mediocre sweats. It’s time to step it up with the Best Made Co. Standard Sweatshirt. That red X on the chest symbolizes quality Canadian craftsmanship. It symbolizes heavy-weight, 16 oz. grey cotton terry fabric. It symbolizes raglan sleeves with gusseted armholes for optimum movement. And, it symbolizes a crazy-affordable price. Think of it as a Scarlet Letter… of SWAG.

For price and purchase info, visit Best Made Co.

  • pokey

    $89 for a sweatshirt is not affordable.

  • Billy

    How is that crazy affordable

  • Bump

    The X kinda kills the sweatshirt

  • Tim

    You can also order it plain w/o the “X.” $

    $89 pays for the quality material (16 oz. terry is heavy), smart design (gusseted armpits that allow for greater mobility so it’s actually practical), and quality construction that should last. Also made in Canada.

  • Levi

    Any idea what the fit is like?

  • pmn

    Nice find Nick.

  • guest

    @Bump you can get it without the X as well. They have a “Plain” option.