Post Riposte: Peacoats

Reader Seungjai recently wrote:

Hi Brad. I was wondering if you could do a post on peacoats?

It would be my pleasure Seungjai. Some personal favorites are after the jump.


From left: Gerald & Stewart by Fidelity, Sterlingwear, Schott

If you’re looking to stay under $250, your best bet is to go with either Fidelity, Sterlingwear or Schott. Each brand has been around for decades. Each has produced goods for the armed forces at some point. And, each offers several affordable US-made peacoat models, all of which boast the typical “classic” details (32 oz. melton wool outer, quilt or satin lining, anchor buttons, etc). Fidelity’s mainline coats start at $110, while their fashion forward (read: slimmer fit) Gerald & Stewart pieces start at $190. Sterlingwear’s peacoats start at $160.00. And you can get one of Schott’s signature 740 jackets for around $200.


Clockwise from left: Dondup, Peregrine, Blue Blue Japan, John Lewis & Co.

In the $300 – $500 range, there are some nice classic and not-so-classic options from Dondup, an Italian brand that produces its whole range in Italy (more about them here, if you’re unfamiliar). The Made in England Authentic Peacoat from John Lewis & Co. is another solid mid-ranger. It’s crafted by Cooper & Stollbrand, the largest manufacturer of premium outwear in the UK. For a slightly different take on the peacoat design, check out the Bromley Wool Jacket from Peregrine. It’s slim, it’s made in the UK, and it totals in at around $365 with international shipping. Another non-traditional option is the Hand Dyed “Shashiko” Qulit Pea Coat from Blue Blue Japan, which is made in Japan out of heavyweight, 100% cotton sashiko fabric (the same stuff Judo and Kendo uniforms are made out of). Remember to size up on that one.


Clockwise from left: Outlier, Wings + Horns, The Real McCoy’s, Perfecto Brand by Schott

And finally, in the money’s no object category, there’s Outlier’s Liberated Peacoat, which is made in NYC from a water and wind resistant Swiss wool blend, and designed to accomodate an active lifestyle. There’s also the Canadian-made Ribbed Collar Peacoat from Wings + Horns, which features a knit shawl collar and oxford flannel lining. The leather-trimmed, quilt-lined, Black Watch Harris Tweed P753 Jacket from Schott’s vintage-inspired Perfecto line is another great one. And then, there’s the U.S. Navy Pea Coat from The Real McCoy’s, which is handcrafted in Japan out of Japanese-made fabrics and trimmings, and features a whole slew of costs-a-month’s-rent details. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for lux options (see here, here and here for more), but they’re the ones I’m post partial to. Hope that helps in your search.

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  • Hey19

    Charles Tyrwhitt has one I have always been curious about. Usually a pretty responsible brand.||JC027NAV|||||||||||||&cm_sp=Dept-_-Outerwear-_-SB6-_-navybridgecoats-_-ProductShot

    Not sure what a Bridge Coat is, but it looks like a Pea Coat to me.

  • Phaser21
  • SJ

    Thanks Brad! This helped a lot :)

  • Paul

    Take a look at the Gloverall Churchill Reefer peacoat – $615 – Made in England

    • Brad

      @ Paul – first “here” link in the additional lux options.

  • SailorMan

    Hey19: A “Bridge” coat is pretty similar to a peacoat. It’s wool, same as a peacoat, but it’s cut longer so it lays a bit differently.

    Enlisted people wear peacoats, officers wear bridge coats.

    Either one is a fine choice for a winter coat.

  • Jack Foster

    Thank you so much for writing this article. It gave folks a good insight into the options that are available out there. I will say that Sterlingwear of Boston is currently the sole manufacturer of the official peacoat for the U.S. Navy and have been since 1968. Also, proudly made in the USA!!!

  • Cory

    I have a black wool peacoat from Spiewak (The Wilson). They’re incredibly well made and well fitted. Also a U.S. Navy supplier. Worth checking out.

  • Lawrence

    I was wondering whether anyone had a good lead on an inexpensive but ethically produced bridge coat (also sometimes called a reefer coat, I believe; basically a longer version of a peacoat). Ideally, I would like to keep the price under $250. Thanks in advance!

  • Cory

    Lawrence, had some on sale today. Have a look.