Pendleton Portland Collection Accessories

Once upon a time, a brand’s heritage was earned, not created by a marketing department. And it was around then that Pendleton began making their hardwearing gear. Fast-forward 100+ years and we get to see what an earned heritage looks like, with the label’s Portland Collection. Fashioned after the co.’s iconic woolens, these US-made ties and scarves pay homage to the label’s past, while still looking plenty appealing in the present. Get ‘em at Penelope’s.

For price and purchase info, visit Penelope’s.

  • Tamara

    Agree that the products are beautiful. But I must admit I was very disappointed to see that my Portland Collection “wallet” (change purse) was made in China.

  • Johnny


    I agree – it’s so disappointing how careful you have to be with ‘American’ brands these days – especially those that carry as high a premium as Pendleton.